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Diminish acne scars with Centella Asiatica?

Did you know that Centella Asiatica is in fact Gotu Kola?  
I've been hearing about Centella Asiatica for months from various Youtubers and bloggers but only a few days ago I found out that Centella Asiatica is not some little known and recently discovered skin care miracle herb, but it is in fact the very well known in Western medicine Gotu Kola.

Then I remembered reading about Gotu Kola a few months ago in a  tiny book called "Cortisol Control and the beauty connection" by Shawn Talbott, Ph.D . Excited I revisited the two pages on Gotu Kola. Apparently its ability to stimulate collagen synthesis for tissue regeneration is amazing. How does it do that? By improving circulation and its anti-oxidant power. No wonder it treats varicose veins, heal wounds and skin problems. (Please consider this as an oversimplification of the ways in which this herb works.)

Then I did a bit of research by typing Centella Asiatica and then typing Gotu Kola.

In English, there was a lot more in…