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Review: Shiseido Pureness Blemish Targeting Gel (Best pimple treatment)

Handbag must-haves for oily/acne prone skin Does this happen to you? It's the middle of the day, I blot my face and discover one or two red bumps. Shocking! I swear they were not there in the morning when I spent more time than I would ever admit on my 10 step super duper Korean skin care regimen. I sigh in desperation because while at work,  there is nothing I can do to stop the bumps from becoming  big pimples by the evening.
That scenario changed for me last month when I bought Shiseido Blemish Targeting Gel from the Pureness line.  I am so impressed with this product that I decided to include it in the Handbag must-haves for oily/acne prone skin. First of all, the trick is in the application.

I use it only on individual, solitary pimples. I squirt out  a tiny blob  and apply the gel blob on top of the pimple without rubbing it in. Then I squirt another blob and apply it on top of  the next pimple and so on. I simply place a gel blob on top of a pimple and repeat the same for the…