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Review: The History of Whoo Secret Court Lip-Balm

The History of Whoo Secret Court Lip-Balm Review

You might think that it's strange to write about a lip balm on this blog. But hear me out. Before I discovered Korean skincare, I stayed away from moisturizers and often walked about with super dehydrated, oily and flaky skin. The area around my mouth was always sensitive because it was too dry. My lips were always chapped. I dreamt of having soft, kissable lips.
I've been using Korean skincare for  a few months now and my lips are mostly not chapped, but not as soft and moisturized as I'd like them to be.  Because I have seen so much benefit from sleeping face masks I started thinking I might invest in a sleeping lip mask.I considered Laneige sleeping lip mask at first, but then I came across this gorgeous lipstick and lip balm set from The History of Whoo Secret Court and on an impulse I ordered it.

What can I say? I am over thirty and finally day in day out I have soft, kissable lips. At what price? About £30 for the whole …