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Amazing skin care product for indented acne scars

Since I discovered Korean skin care a few months ago, I have been using amazing products. They transformed the quality of my skin.  Now I have plumper, softer, smoother, brighter, hydrated, and pimple free skin.

On one hand, I do look better. I get a lot of compliments and I am often told that I look more youthful, well rested and healthy. But on another hand, I don't actually look much better than before because my skin is still acne scarred.

In other words, it is my acne scarred skin which is now well hydrated, refined in texture, a bit brighter, smoother and mostly pimple free. Until I address the main issue which is my acne scars I don't think that my skin would look truly transformed.

A couple of months ago I tried a product called BEST treatment for indented scars Acne Chicken Pox Pitted Scar Removal Acid Peel by DevotedThings.  I didn't expect it to work very well, I simply hoped it would make a bit of a difference to the appearance of my scars.

It came in a tiny bottle and I doubted that it would last me a whole month, but it did. I was supposed to apply it on a small area until I finish the bottle. I decided to use it on my forehead and temples only. I use the Dermaroller ( not as regularly as I'd like) on my face, but rolling on the forehead and temples is very painful. That is why I decided to try this product on the forehead and temples area first. 

The product is an acid peel, but unlike other peels, because of its formulation, after application, there is no need to rinse it or neutralise it. I applied it twice a day on my forehead and temples only. The Gamma Hydroxy cream I usually use from Skin Doctors I did not apply on top of this peel, but I did apply it on the rest of my face. After that, I carried on with Sulwhasoo Herblinic ampoules and other moisturizing creams.

I followed the instructions on how to use the peel and applied it in front of my mirror very carefully twice a day. If I felt  a bit of a sting, I dropped the application to once a day. I even skipped a day once or twice. I wanted it to work gently rather than aggressively.

After a month, I thought that my acne scars on the forehead and temples were a bit improved, but not much. I didn't think that I would repurchase. I sent a message to DevotedThings on eBay explaining that the peel worked well but I saw only slight improvement to my acne scars, therefore I had no immediate plans to repurchase.

Then about two weeks later, the most unexpected thing happened. I started noticing that the scars on my temples were barely there. The first time I noticed this, I was in the nearby shopping mall. I was washing my hands in the restroom and was looking at my face in the mirror (wondering if I should reapply some lipstick). The light was terrible, the kind of light that shows all imperfections and indented acne scars. But while looking in the mirror in that restroom, even though I blinked a few times, I could barely see the acne scars on my temples.

Why did I not notice this earlier? I think that using this product every day in front of a mirror didn't allow me to see the difference it was making. But once I finished it and returned to my usual skin care routine (which I don't apply in front of a mirror) two weeks later I was able to actually see the significant difference it has made.

After that "incident" I made a point of looking at my face in different light and also different times of day. Because as I have learnt from Dr. Davin Lim ( more about him in another post) acne scars are best examined under "indirect angle lighting". But wherever I went, I simply couldn't believe my eyes- the acne scars on my temples were significantly reduced. My skin in that area looked airbrushed. I was stunned. No other skin care product has ever made such a significant difference. And I never believed it possible until now.

I am about to stock up on the BEST treatment for indented scars Acne Chicken Pox Pitted Scar Removal Acid Peel by DevotedThings and will use it on the rest of my face. I wonder if it would be possible for me to skip expensive laser resurfacing. I will update you on how I get on with the peel. In the meantime, check out DevotedThings website Click here for information on the peel and amazing Before&After photos and have a look at the many Before &After for the Best treatment for indented scars.

PS. Since I last used the peel, I also tried two other products from DevotedThings- the FACIAL GLOW NATURAL DAILY CLEANSER SCRUB & MASK ACNE SCAR LIGHTENING SOAP and Natural SPF 50 Face Moisturizer Beauty Oil For Skin Lightening, Oily Skin & more. I have already mentioned these two products in a previous blog, but I will write about them separately because they are truly unique in their effectiveness and transformational power. Stay tuned for more on them.



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