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Clearing pre-menstrual and period acne with supplements February 2017

A few years ago I started taking Estroblock for my oily and acne prone skin. Thankfully it worked really well and most of my breakouts were cleared. But a week before my period each month,  I would still get some breakouts. Usually around the mouth area, mostly on the chin and very near the lips. The breakouts came as tiny clusters, but then some would get inflamed  and become bigger pimples. And all this was happening while using super duper nice products with BHA and AHA and anti-inflammatory properties. In other words, whatever skin care I was using for the rest of the month and seemed to work really well at preventing blackheads and pimples, was not helping at all in that week before my period.

For years I've been trying to figure out how to stop those pre-menstrual pimples from appearing. To be honest, at times I wasn't even sure if it was acne. I've considered perioral dermatitis and whenever a pimple was right on the edge of my lip I wondered if it was a cold sore. Whatever the name for these breakouts they would always come about a week before my monthly period. It would then take a week for them to clear and then depending on the severity, another week for the red marks to go down a bit. But then this would repeat each month. My chin area was always pinkish colour. Very frustrating...

It is so exciting for me to write the following sentence: Things changed dramatically several months ago when I started taking additional  supplements: Vitex, Apple cider vinegar tablets, and Probiotics and Prebiotics. ( Just recently I started taking Maca root as well) I don't know if one of these was crucial in clearing my pre-menstrual acne or all of them worked together. But my dream came true. I no longer get pre-menstrual acne and that feels amazing.

Other supplements I take:
Detox herbal formula supplement
Brewers Yeast- is said to help with acne.
Curcumin- is said to help with inflammation. ( Now and then)
Multivitamins and minerals- they are apparently essential to take as vitamins and minerals need other vitamins and minerals in order to be absorbed and used by the body.

If you struggle with pre-menstrual acne, I hope the information in this blog encourages you to research the supplements I mention. Don't lose hope! Below I share some videos to get you started on your research journey.  

The first video is on Estroblock. I started taking it in order to manage my acne prone skin. Only the triple formula works for me and that is 2 tablets per day ( one tablet after breakfast and another one after dinner). There are tons of positive reviews for Estroblock, but it hasn't worked for everyone. However, it works for me and I am never without it. I get it from eBay.

The next video is on Vitex. I started taking it because I have PCOS and I learnt that this herb could help with that and my hormonal system in general. Also, PCOS in some people seems related to acne.  Yet, not all people with PCOS struggle with acne...I will be testing my hormones in the next few months and will write an update on how effective Vitex has been for my hormonal system. I recently started taking Maca root as well. That is apparently another brilliant herb for the hormonal system.

The next video is about Apple cider vinegar tablets. I started taking those because they were  supposed to balance my blood sugar and as a result help with PCOS and acne. I will never be without these tablets because they are helping me lose weight. I am so impressed with them, I wished I had tried them years ago. I am so impressed with these that I've told my family and friends about them. I will write a separate blog post about them.

Probiotics and Prebiotics- I started taking these after viewing some YouTube testimonials on how well they cleared acne. I will never be without these either. Even for people without acne, these tablets  would be brilliant for their general health. I also eat unpasteurized sauerkraut, kimchi, miso soup ( almost daily). I also used to make milk kefir, but I would always get a few pimples when eating dairy-  even if it was kefir, so I've decided to try water kefir instead. I will let you know how I get on with that.

Here is how I take the supplements mentioned:

Before breakfast:
Vitex ( the other name for this herb is Agnus Castus)

After breakfast:
Estro block, Triple Strength by Delgado Protocol
Probiotic & Prebiotic by Innopure
Apple Cider by New Nordic
Brewers Yeast by Lindens
Curcumin, full spectrum by Solgar
Every second month I get Omnium by Solgar (multivitamin and minerals formula)
Detox cleanse by Innopure

After Dinner:
Estro block, Triple Strength by Delgado Protocol
Apple Cider by New Nordic
Brewers Yeast by Lindens
Every second month I get Omnium by Solgar (multivitamin and minerals formula)
If I don't have Solgar, I take Magnesium, Chromium, and Zinc tablets.
Detox cleanse by Innopure

I hope that this blog post was helpful to you. Good luck with clearing your pre-menstrual acne! And remember that you must do your own research and consult  a health professionals before taking any supplements. In my blogposts I share with you what I do and how it has helped me. I don't give advice. I simply journal about my journey to transforming  my oily and acne prone skin. Good luck to you!


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