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How I healed my PCOS

I am including a post on PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in this blog because having PCOS affects the skin's health and women with PCOS often but not always have oily skin and acne.

The long story of dealing with PCOS

I've had PCOS twice in my life. The first time it was nearly 10 years ago. At that time my acne was very bad and in addition to PCOS I was also diagnosed with pre-diabetic condition. PCOS+pre-diabetic condition+acne=hormonal imbalance.  I was prescribed the pill Diane 35, Metformin and Spironolactone.

Metformin made me nauseous after big meals, so I started having much smaller meals. As a result I lost a lot of weight in three months which was great. After about a year on Metformin, I stopped taking it as blood tests showed that my blood sugar was mostly stable. I carried on taking the pill and Spironolactone for about 4 years. My skin was clear every day and less oily. I thought that I have left my skin troubles behind me. And PCOS went away.

So there I was, no PCOS, balanced blood sugar, clear skin, still on the pill and Spironolactone. But, all of a sudden I started getting terrible side effects like low mood, feeling apathy and anxiety. I knew that something was not right and after some research on side effects from taking the pill, I was convinced that it was the pill that needed to be stopped. I stopped taking both the pill and Spironolactone.

Approximately 6 months after I stopped the pill and Spironolactone, my acne returned. This time it was worse than it has ever been. My face was exceptionally inflamed with pimples of all kinds- small, large, deep, cystic etc. Nothing seemed to work well enough because the inflammation was coming from within constantly and everyday.  No matter what I did on the outside, nothing seemed to work well. I signed up for consultations at an Acne clinic here in the UK. Several months of liver, gallbladder, and parasite cleanses followed. I tried all sorts of different supplements. Some I ordered all the way from Canada and had to pay over £100 for customs. I went to two different Chinese doctors in my area. But no one was able to help. Nothing worked. No amount of clean eating, cutting this or that, washing my face in this way or that way. Nothing provided relief. It was as if my body, my blood was angry and kept on "producing" inflammation.

Two horrible years passed. I was constantly searching for solutions and trying different things. Nothing worked. I put on weight...

Then I came across some lectures on how hormones work by Dr.Lorna Vanderhaeghe This is a link to her website  This was a turning point for me. I thought that I might have estrogen dominance. But I had never heard of Estrogen dominance before. All doctors I have ever come across blamed my poor skin health on too much Testosterone...

I ordered a supplement called Estrosmart and within two months, my skin cleared. It has been three years since then. But because it was so difficult and expensive to get Estrosmart all the way from Canada, I started taking Estroblock which is a very similar product formulated by Dr. Delgado. I've been using it for several years now and absolutely love it. In the video below, Dr. Delgado talks about the product briefly. I encourage you to listen to Dr. Vanderhaeghe's lectures on hormones and Estrogen dominance and you will see how blessed we are that there are ways in which we can balance our hormonal system and as a result have not only  beautiful and clear skin, but also a healthy body.

And here is a video lecture from Dr. Lorna Vanderhaeghe. You will find several video lectures from her on YouTube.

Below is the same lecture but in the form of a Webinar. Actually I prefer the live lecture above, but I include the video below because that will take you to Dr. Vanderhaeghe's YouTube channel.

On with my story...

My skin has mostly been clear during those three years, except for a week before my period each month. But a few months ago, I started taking Probiotics and Prebiotics and they completely cleared my skin so now I don't get pimples not even around my period. ( But if I stop using BHAs for too long, then my pores get blocked which in turn leads to a pimple or two. But they are usually small and I clear them with Shiseido's blemish targeting gel. I have a review on that brilliantly effective gel.)

I think that I must have had PCOS for a few years but it was one year ago that blood tests confirmed that I have PCOS for a second time round.  I decided to do my very best to balance my blood sugar and reverse the PCOS. And that is exactly what I did.

To heal from PCOS I took the following supplements:

Apple cider vinegar tablets ( I love these and will never be without them. They not only helped me  balance my blood sugar, but I lost a bit of weight).
Vitex ( I was told that it takes over 4 months for it to work, so be patient with it if you are taking this herb)
Maca root
Multivitamins and minerals
Probiotics and Prebiotics
Estroblock ( As I mentioned earlier I've been taking Estroblock instead of  Estrosmart because Estrosmart is more expensive and it was hard to get it to the UK all the way from Canada)

Other steps that helped me heal from PCOS:

Instead of sugar, I usually take Xylitol. If you don't know about it, research it. It is brilliant. It looks and tastes like sugar, it is natural and it doesn't affect the blood sugar. Some sources claim that it does effect the blood sugar but just a tiny bit.

I am very lucky that I love vegetables, so I eat  a lot of vegetables and I cook them with some delicious spices.

I don't eat as much meat as before. But I love meat and try to buy organic whenever I can.

I make bone broth ( not as often as I would like) and for the broth I get organic bones.

I am not very strict about staying away from sugar, cakes, biscuits and chocolate, but because my blood sugar ( thanks to the Apple cider vinegar)  is balanced, I don't get the same cravings as before.

But I do stay away from dairy as much as I can. I have milk in my coffee and occasionally I eat feta cheese, but in general I stay away from cheese.

I also tend to stay away from bread, but occasionally I would have some and don't feel bad about it because I don't have it often.

And... I also do castor oil packs. If you've never heard of those watch the video above. I am amazed by castor oil packs and will continue with those.

About a week ago, my blood tests showed that I don't have PCOS any longer and my hormones are very well balanced.

I hope this blog post was useful to you and gives you hope that you too can reverse PCOS.


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