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If you have extremely oily skin like me, you might also have sebaceous hyperplasia

Sebaceous hyperplasia looks like small keratin bumps. I got my first one on me nose, when I was in my 20s. Then I didn't notice any new ones for many years. But in the past 5 years I got quite a few on my forehead and a few on my cheeks.

In the past, they didn't worry me at all. I had bigger worries- pimples. But since my skin became clear and has remained mostly clear for months, now these bumps, even though quite small- stick out. They stick out especially since the rest of my skin gets nice and smooth since  I use a peel for my indented acne scars.  Sadly, these bumps are not affected by the peel at all. But I have purchased a different peel, again from Devotedthings which is specifically used for those type of "skin things" but I am yet to use it. Also, I read that these bumps can be removed by a dermatologist.

Until a couple of days ago I didn't know what these bumps were or what they were called. Now that I know, I am worried. They are Sebaceous hyperplasia and that is a disorder of the sebaceous glands in which they become enlarged. It doesn't sound good, does it? On one hand, I am not surprised I get them, since I have always said that my skin is extremely oily. On another hand, I am worried, because last week I got a new bump on my cheek....So why are my sebaceous glands getting enlarged? Why are they pumping so much oil out?

I write this post not because I have found the answers. You may already know that I use this blog to journal my journey to clear, less oily skin. I think that it will take months if not longer to search for answers in regard to why I get sebaceous hyperplasia. But this is what I know this far. It is all down to my hormones again. My understanding is that I will need to continuously work on balancing all my hormones especially the androgens which affect how much oil is secreted by the oil glands.

I came across information on how taking Vitamin D3 helps some people with acne by decreasing the sebum production of the skin.  There are claims that Vit. D3 is totally amazing for all sorts of illnesses and many people take huge doses of this Vitamin. There are books written on the miraculous effects of taking big doses of Vit. D3. But then there are articles and videos on supposedly the dangers of taking too much Vit. D3. I wish the scientific community would agree on things, but I guess it is not that easy.

I've decided to start taking a conservative amount of Vit. D3 , something like 1000 IU. And let us see how I get on with that. Below you can watch a video in which sebaceous hyperplasia is explained.

And another interesting video on the benefits of sunlight/vit. D3


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