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Shrinking pores and oil glands might be possible. Sebaceous Hyperplasia update

This post was going to be about some new information I found about the cause of Sebaceous Hyperplasia. There are several very different views on this.

Then I was going to let you know what I've decided to try and not try in attempt to eradicate the bumps.

I contacted two doctors with questions about Sebaceous Hyperplasia and  I received replies straight away. One of the replies was so thoughtful and kind- it really impressed me. The tip on how to shrink pores and oil glands comes from that reply. Read on to find out more.

What have I done to combat Sebaceous Hyperplasia so far?

I started the Keto diet  (known as the High fat diet) 8 days ago. If you haven't heard of it,  in essence it is about consuming  a bit more fat, much less protein ( much less than what one would have on the Atkins diet for instance), and no more than 20gr. of carbs per day. Apparently if one  follows the plan for several days, the body switches form using sugar for fuel to using its own body fat for fuel, hence dramatic fat loss and many health benefits follow.....

So what convinced me to try this diet? It is apparently brilliant for anyone with Insulin Resistance and Type 2 diabetes because it balances the hormones. So I thought that if my hormones are balanced, there will be less oiliness on my skin and zero Sebaceous Hyperplasia.

But since I started the diet  8 days ago, I've came across some interesting information on Sebaceous Hyperplasia and several quite different views on the cause of it.

  • Even people with very  dry skin who have never had any acne  get Sebaceous Hyperplasia. So much for "my theory" that  overproduction of oil is the culprit. It sounds like that is not the major cause.
  • The use of some immunosuppressant medication is linked to the appearance of these bumps. So did I get my bumps at times when my Immune system was low?
  • Sebaceous Hyperplasia may be due to a strand of candida according to Dr. Johnson, the formulator of the Osmosis skin care line. You will see him talk about this and the product DNA repair serum in one of the videos below. So do I have Candida?
  • Sebaceous Hyperplasia is due to Lactose Intolerance. I eat very little dairy and milk. Should I get Lactase enzyme tablets?
Sebaceous Hyperplasia due to a Candida strand?

In the video below you will see Dr. Johnson talk about Sebaceous Hyperplasia and his product DNA repair (Catalyst) by Osmosis. Unfortunately, all his products are very expensive and DNA repair is no exception. For 30ml, we are supposed to part with $170. OK, if it is a brilliant product that eradicates Sebaceous Hyperplasia and there are many testimonials perhaps I could save up for it. But the problem is that one is supposed to use the product for 3-6 months. At that price, no way. So I e-mailed Dr. Johnson's company asking if perhaps some customers have seen an improvement of their Sebaceous Hyperplasia only after a month.

I received a reply to my question today. I was contacted by the distributor for UK. He explained that using their product, customers experience results in as little as a few days. But I would need to continue using the product beyond 3-6 months for permanent improvement, depending on my immunity.

Then I asked another question. Dr. Jonhson seems to think that the cause of Sebaceous Hyperplasia is a strand of Candida. Does that mean that I ought to eradicate Candida from my body in order to permanently heal myself from these bumps? When I get a reply I will write an update post.

To be honest, even though the products are very expensive, I am intrigued by Osmosis skin care and will keep an eye on how well they do with their products. I heard about Osmosis from the Youtuber Brianna Stanko. In one of her videos she mentioned that she has Sebaceous Hyperplasia and because she is very fond of Osmosis skin care,  I think she will be using their product DNA repair serum to try and eradicate her bumps. I will wait for a few months and see if the product would work for her.

In the video below, you will see Dr. Johnson talk about Osmosis skin care, Sebaceous Hyperplasia and their product DNA repair serum ( Catalyst).

Sebaceous Hyperplasia due to Lactose Intolerance?

Moving on to another viewpoint about the cause of Sebaceous Hyperplasia- Lactose intolerance. On the forum in I read about Dr. Heng who says that Sebaceous Hyperplasia is due to Lactose intolerance. Apparently, a lactose free diet can shrink the oil glands and make our pores appear smaller. I wonder if simply taking tablets for Lactose intolerance would do the trick.  

I contacted Dr. Heng's team and requested more information on that. I am very excited to let you know that I received a really kind, thoughtful reply to my email from someone on Dr.Heng's team. The reply includes a lot of interesting information on skincare and shrinking oil glands. I will most likely write a separate post on that. But today I will mention the two things that stood out.

1.Yes, the regimen for acne, rosacea, sebaceous hyperplasia, and seborrheic dermatitis all call for lactose free diet. Apparently Lactose intolerance is a large factor for the formation of Sebaceous Hyperplasia.

2. Shrink oil glands with beta carotene treatment - 25,000 IU units beta carotene capsules four times daily or 2 in the am and 2 in the pm; and carrot juice twice daily.

I am super excited to try this.

Although I know I will struggle with the carrot juice.  I have had carrot juice before and it tasted awful...But if it will shrink those oil glands, why not!?

PS. I sent another question for Dr. Heng's team- whether I could take Lactase enzymes for the little milk I drink with my coffee. I really don't eat much dairy at all. I will update you on the answer.

To see  Dr. Heng here is a rather old video. It brought back memories for me... I remember watching this video because many years ago I had subscribed to Lilou's channel...

Peppermint oil for Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

Last but not least, I managed to find information about a home treatment for these bumps. Good old Peppermint oil. I ordered some yesterday and thanks to Amazon prime- I got it today. I tried the oil on two bumps already.  I hope they'll shrink by the time write my next update :-)

To read my first post on Sebaceous Hyperplasia click on this link.

Till next time, Milu

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