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Review: The History of Whoo Whitening BB SPF 45 PA +++

I live in England and on most days we get a crazy mixture of all four seasons. In any case we don't get as much sun as some other European countries. Therefore I  don't worry about using very strong sun protection but I make sure I use some protection every single day. That is because I use Tea tree oil serum, BHAs, AHAs and Lactic peel daily. All of those make my skin highly susceptible to sun damage. 

This year in May we had several very sunny days, but June surprised us even more with a whole week of hot and humid weather.  

On one such hot day, I was out washing my car for about an hour.  Of course I had sunblock on. But the next morning, after washing my face I noticed light brown patches on my lower cheeks.

I was devastated.

Determined to arm myself with the best sun protection there is I headed to eBay. I made several purchases of different products offering sun protection. Right or wrong, in my desperation I made plans on using them one on top of the other...

One of the products I bought then was Sun Mate Daily by Hera which is now a much loved make up base and sunblock in one. Check out my review on Sun Mate Daily by Hera by clicking on this link. 

The other product I bought was The History of Whoo Whitening BB SPF 45 PA +++ and in this post I will be telling you all about the magical things it does to my skin.

Because my skin is super oily, I've stayed away from Korean foundations, cushions and BB creams. Buying this Whitening Sun BB was totally on impulse. 

And would you blame me?

The formula supposedly includes a secret beauty ingredient as well as 7 skin soothing herbs, and another 8 skin whitening herbs. This formula promises radiance, luminosity, decreased melanin formation and brightening of the sun damaged spots.

I had to try it. So for £8 I bought 20 samples of this BB.

I will get straight to the point. After using it for most of June, I give this BB 9.5 out of 10.

Consistency: It spreads very easily because it is quite runny. Actually, the consistency is similar to Maybelline's Dream Flawless Nude.

Effect: Once on the skin, it kind of disappears. My skin looks as if without make up, simply healthy and radiant. Isn't that what we all want from make up?

Scent: None.

Colour: It comes in only one colour, and to my surprise it suits me perfectly.

Verdict: I don't give it 10/10 but 9.5 because I wish it was more suited for my oily skin. Although it doesn't leave my skin wet/oily looking, I wish for a more matte finish therefore I apply a loose powder afterwards. And if you have read my other posts you may already know that my "loose powder" is in fact Fullers Earth- the only thing that keeps my skin less shiny throughout the day. It is not ideal, but until I find a product that does not clog my pores and makes my skin look matte for hours, this is the best.

In other words, I love using this BB but I am still on the look out for a light and matifying BB or cushion.

As luck would have it, first thing this morning, I read a review on Hera's black cushion and apparently that one is for oily skin. I am super excited to try it and will update you on my experience.

Till next time, Milu

PS. In my next blog I will let you know about the sunscreens I use as well as the scary information I have on sunscreens.

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