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Cosmetic Procedures for large pores

I think that a face with smaller pores looks more youthful- that is my reason for wanting to shrink my pores. Luckily it is possible to improve the appearance of large pores. First, I will share with you a video from Nikkia Joy's YouTube channel. I am quite impressed with her results and found out that I can get the Ultraformer procedure done here in the UK, but it is about £1000. So, I will not be getting it any time soon...Sigh....

Here is another interesting video showing Pore shrinking treatment experienced by a Youtuber with a channel called Starfood.See what you think.

And below, I have included a video from the YouTube channel called Lasers & Lifts by Dr. Davin Lim. I hope I can find such a kind, knowledgeable and experienced doctor here in the UK. Update: 20/02/17 Actually, I asked Dr. Lim if he could recommend a dermatologist here in the UK and he replied that Dr.Raj Acquilla is one of the best in the world. I was so excited to get Dr. Lim's recommendation. Here is…