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Can Astrology help you get clear skin? Best selling author Rachael Pontillo interviews astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike

During the month of March I will not be trying any new skin care and will focus on treating my indented acne scars. I will write a blog post about how I get on with the treatment later in the month. If you want to read about my first time trying the treatment Click here
Instead of reviewing skin care products this month I will introduce you to a few fascinating Youtubers. I will start with Rachael Pontillo.
Rachael Pontillo's YouTube channel is unlike any other channel I have come across. She  interviews amazing people who talk about how we can have healthy, beautiful skin BUT they approach the topic from a very unique perspective. The interviews are absolutely fascinating. There is nothing like it!
For example, in the video below you will see an interview with astrologer and artist Anne Nordhaus-Bike. Who would have thought that Astrology can help us get clear, beautiful skin?
I have copied Rachael's self introduction from her YouTube channel below:
"I'm Rachael Pontil…