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Is Bone broth the one thing that can fix your skin? Best selling author Rachael Pontillo interviews Dr.Kellyanne Petrucci

Even though I've listened to several interviews with Dr. Kellyanne Petrucci, I will never get tired of listening to her. I always learn something new. 

I have not made bone broth since the Summer 2016 and watching this interview fired me up to start making broth again.

I have a huge slow cooker especially for bone broth. It had to be extra large so that longish beef bones and chicken feet ;-) can fit in there. I usually order organic bones online and get them delivered to my house in an insulated box. I am not too fond of the taste of bone broth and here is how I improve the taste. I add miso.  Once I've cooked the broth and right before I want to drink it, I warm it up and add a teaspoon of miso. This improves the taste ( at least for me).

When I was taking broth regularly for a couple of months, sadly I did not notice any positive changes in my skin...but I did notice that after eating bread I was not bloated or in pain.

I'd like to thank Rachael Pontillo for this intervi…