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Removing acne scars has never been this easy

In this post I will share with you my experience using the most gentle and easy yet spectacularly effective product for removing acne scars and improving the skin's texture. The name of the product is Facial glow scrub & mask by Devotedthings.

Although the word "scrub" is in the title, this product is actually in powder form. And here is how I use it.  I mix a tiny amount of this super fine powder with a few drops of water. I get a runny paste which I then massage onto my clean, dry face. I massage different areas of my face for a few seconds and add drops of water if I want to prolong the massage. Then I leave the mixture on my face for about 5 minutes. After I wash it off, my skin is super soft and the texture feels refined. Because my skin is cleansed of dead cells, I think that every other product that follows is absorbed more effectively. If I am applying make up after my skin care routine I've noticed that the foundation goes on very smoothly.

The product co…