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Review: Secret Key Snail Prestige, wonderful snail range for skin care on a budget

I am so impressed with Secret Key's products from this range, I wish I had tried them earlier.

The Snail Repairing ampoule was the first product I tried from this range. It had lovely, non sticky serum like texture and no scent. Smoothing it onto my skin felt very pleasant and it left my skin beautifully hydrated. While I was using it, my skin was clear of blemishes and seemed bright and youthful. My ampoule was called Snail repairing ampoule, but I see that the formula has been upgraded and now it is called Snail+ EGF repairingampoule. This new formula must be even better since it contains the super duper effective EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor).
I will write a post focusing exclusively on what that is and the amazing benefits it delivers to our skin. The product with the new formula is described as a highly nutritious anti-aging product that improves elasticity.

I buy The Snail Repairing Ampoule from eBay. 30ml costs less than £9 and I get much cherished skin care ingredients such …