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Review: Yadah Anti-T mist and La Roche-Posay Serozinc. Mists for oily/acne prone skin

These are my very first two mists ever and I like them, but not a lot....

I've wanted to try skin mists  for some time, so I searched on eBay and came across several. One of the cheapest was by the Korean brand Yadah. The product is called Anti-T Mist  and for 80ml I paid £6.

I was attracted to this mist because one of the main ingredients is Salicylic acid which unclogs the pores and keeps them oil free. This product promises to soothe acne prone skin, balance the skin's pH and control excess sebum. And I found it moisturizing, soothing,  refreshing, but I  did not notice any oil control.

When I first tried this Anti-T mist, England was experiencing some unusually warm weather so using it felt very refreshing on my skin. Unfortunately it is not a very fine mist, so immediately after I spray it, it makes my skin a bit wet.  But interestingly enough, it absorbs super quickly. That might be due to the micro particle technology used which allows for the product to be absorbed evenl…