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Review: Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil ( Update)

To read my first review of this oil click here

When I first started blogging in December 2016  I wanted my blog to be different from other blogs in one way and that is UPDATES.

I aim to update regularly on the products I've raved about. In this way you, the reader will get an understanding if the raved about product stood the test of time.

So often I read blog posts written years ago. And I always wonder if the writer still uses and likes the recommended product.

I am not a professional blogger therefore I don't try tons of products for the sake of writing reviews. I buy what I feel my skin needs and then I write about the experience.

I first wrote about Sulwhasoo's Gentle Cleansing oil back in April 2017, to read that review click on the link at the beginning of this post.

For the past few months I loved using Sulwhasoo's Gentle Cleansing oil and here is why:

I was very happy with how well it removed my make up. But I read some reviews where the consumers were not happy…