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Review: Dr. Jart+ Pore refine, Re-Tighten Mask

This is the best clay mask I have ever used

Everything about this mask is elegant, from the presentation of the product to its effectiveness.

And I am not surprised, we are talking about one of Korea's most respected brands- Dr.Jart+

I love this mask because it purifies my pores gently. What do I mean by that? Some clay masks pull the skin when they start to dry, but not this mask. Even when it starts to dry, it is still comfortable on the skin. When it begins to dry on the skin, it feels like a thick nourishing cream, not like an ordinary clay mask.

I love this mask because it is a very attractive colour- light grey with a hint of light blue. After I apply it I feel like a lady, not a camouflaged solder... 

I love this mask because even its scent is elegant. Fresh, but not overwhelming. Actually, the scent reminds me of the scent of Lancome skincare products-super luxurious.

I love this mask because it is very easy to wash it off and it leaves my skin calm and radiant.

The mask is su…