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Review: Dr.Jart+ V7 Renewal Serum

I love everything about this serum except that it comes in only 30ml.

When it comes to skincare products I always use too much. I finished the 30ml in no time..

Light, cool, non-sticky, delicately fresh scent, this serum was a joy to apply. Some people comment that it is too "slippery" and not suitable to apply under make up, but that has not been my experience. I apply several more layers of skincare and sun protection on top of this serum so I have not experienced any such issues.

Did I notice any positive changes to my skin? No. But let us consider the possible reasons. First of all, my skin has been looking and feeling pretty good for months. Second of all, I did not use it for a very long time. And thirdly,  I think that some skin care products don't deliver visible skin benefits straight away, but gradually improve the skin's health.  

I will repurchase this serum because it was very pleasant to use and I believe that it was formulated really well. Here is what I…