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3 steps to eliminating body acne

Unclog pores Reduce acne bacteria Protect from UVA and UVB rays
These 3 steps need to be taken each and every day even when the skin is clear of blemishes. And if the acne is moderate to severe, then several layers of ingredients that unclog the pores as well as several layers of acne bacteria fighting ingredients are needed.

In this post I write about the actual regimen that helped me eliminate body acne and maintain clear skin. If you are interested in how this 3 step regimen came to be- come back to read my next post.
If you have moderate to severe body acne, start with the advice I give in this post, but you might need to take some additional steps  and layer more products. I will write about that in another blog post.

Below you will see the products I currently use. I am very happy with these products, but you can easily customize your regimen and achieve clear skin with different products as long as you stick to the 3 essential steps:

1. Use a product which unclogs your po…