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How to eliminate moderate to severe body acne

Please read 3 steps to eliminate body acne before you read this post
In my experience there are 3 essential steps to eliminating body acne: 1. Unlcog the pores daily 2. Diminish acne bacteria count daily 3. Protect from UVB  and UVA rays daily   A key principle in this regimen is to follow these steps even when the skin is clear.
For detailed explanation of each step read 3 steps to eliminating body acne and then come back to this post where I give tips on eliminating moderate to severe body acne
The principle of following with all  3 steps even when the skin is clear is something  I discuss in my post 2 mistakes you shouldn't make when trying to eliminate body acne Read it and you will also learn how to use the two key ingredients for fighting acne- correctly. I am talking about Salicylic acid and Tea tree oil.
I assume that you've read my previous posts on body acne and now you would like to read about how I successfully eliminated my moderate to severe body acne and how I mainta…