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Advice for parents on how to help their teens have clear, acne free skin

When choosing skincare for your teen look for two ingredients: Salicylic acid and Tea tree oil. That is because the Salicylic acid unclogs the pores while the Tea tree oil diminishes the acne bacteria count.
Perhaps your teen is one of the lucky ones that can get away with using only two products for their acne, one with Salicylic acid and the other with  Tea tree oil. In other words, if your teen has just started getting pimples or if their acne is very mild, they can get away with just two products as long as one contains Salicylic acid and the other Tea tree oil. But most teens need to layer a few more products and this post is for them.
For most teens, more products are necessary because of the increased oil production which feeds the acne bacteria which then creates the red inflamed spots.
In this post I write about suitable cleansers, toners, spot treatment and I give a bit of dietary advice. Teens with more severe acne would benefit from serums, creams, masks and more changes t…