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First impression: Madara Organic Skincare+ UPDATE

After I purchased organic hair dye on line, I was sent samples of Madara Organic Skincare. I was so impressed with some of the products I tried that I decided to share my first impressions with you.

The samples of different products came in the lovely pocket you see below.

On the inside of it I read the story of the brand. It looks lovely and stylish, doesn't it?

The first product I tried was the Milk cleanser. The Beauty junky that I am, I've tried so many different cleansers, but this one was super lovely.
First of all, the milky consistency felt amazingly pleasant to spread and massage on my face. At first I thought that it didn't have any scent, yet moments later I thought I could smell a very faint Which hazel scent or was it alcohol scent? Perhaps I was wrong, but there was definitely some very faint yet clean and energising scent there. Update: 27/08/17, I checked and alcohol is the 3rd or 4th ingredient in the list of ingredients. Why have they included it?
I was so …